[AI Kimi Extension] Kimi Browser Plugin: Instantly Enhance Your Browsing Experience with AI

The Kimi browser plugin provides an easy installation and usage guide, helping users quickly install the plugin and take advantage of its powerful features, such as text highlighting for questions, article summarization, and inspiration for writing.

The Kimi browser plugin is here, download it at https://kimi.moonshot.cn/extension/download



Click “Install Now” to download the software.

After downloading, it is a compressed package Kimi Browser Assistant.zip.

The interface will also pop up to guide you through the installation process.



Have a question? Highlight and ask Kimi

Directly select the text you have questions about to get an immediate explanation.


Reading an article? Summarize with Kimi

Quickly extract key points from long articles.


Writing a document? Get inspiration from Kimi

Open the sidebar mode and continuously converse with Kimi.


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