[AI Perplexica] Installation Guide: Easily Deploy AI-Powered Open Source Search Engine

A detailed guide on how to deploy the AI-powered open-source search engine Perplexica using Docker in your local environment, allowing you to quickly get started and experience its powerful features.

Previously, we covered the introduction, features, and architecture of Perplexica, and learned about its working principles.

Today, let’s deploy it together.




After the installation is complete, you can access it at


The default theme is dark.

Click the settings button in the lower left corner, make some configurations, fill in the fields (model name, url, api key), and click save.


Now, you can chat. Let’s try it.


As mentioned in previous articles, if it knows the answer, it will respond directly without searching.


This issue, if he doesn’t know the answer, he will call search.

The speed is a bit slow, possibly due to slow search or LLM, not sure for now.

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