[AI MoneyPrinterTurbo] One-Click Video Creation, The Super Money Printer

Embark on a journey to explore MoneyPrinterTurbo, a video generation tool that allows you to experience the entire process from installation to configuration to creating high-definition short videos with just one click.

Today, we’re embarking on an exploration journey of MoneyPrinterTurbo, a video generation tool designed to make video creation easy and fun.

The Beginning of the Story

Imagine providing just a video topic or keyword, and the rest—video script, footage, subtitles, background music—is all automatically generated, culminating in a high-definition short video. This sounds like magic, but MoneyPrinterTurbo makes it a reality.

Installation and Configuration

Our journey begins with installation. First, we need to install ImageMagick, a powerful image processing tool:

sudo apt-get install imagemagick

Next, we clone the MoneyPrinterTurbo repository and set up the Python environment:

git clone   
cd MoneyPrinterTurbo
conda create -n MoneyPrinterTurbo python=3.10
conda activate MoneyPrinterTurbo
pip install -r requirements.txt

In the config.toml file, you need to configure the following to kickstart your video creation journey:

  • pexels_api_keys
  • llm_provider
  • llm api keys

Launching the Application

Now, you can launch your video creation engine via the UI or API:

  • UI interface:
    sh webui.sh
  • API interface:
    python main.py

The interface is clear, and the operation is simple. It’s truly just inputting a topic and everything else is generated with one click.

MoneyPrinterTurbo webui

Witnessing the Miracle

Finally, let’s take a look at the generated video. The effect is quite standard.


The principle seems quite simple:

  • You provide a theme, the LLM generates descriptions and keywords.
  • Videos and images are downloaded from platforms like Pexels and Pixabay.
  • TTS generates speech.
  • Subtitles are added.
  • Background music is selected from a few default options.

In the end, all these elements are combined to complete the video.


At this stage, AI can only achieve this level. It seems there’s still much work to be done.

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